I met her and I was blown away!!

Some relationships form from thin air.. Little did I expect life’s uncertain ways that I’d meet her and she’d be my treasure for life….Ava.. She was 2 years old, full of life, pretty and fun.. But that wasn’t the case when I first met her..

It was November and one of my most favourite person’s birthday.. Loki.. So we decided to surprise him with a cake.. However, we ended up smashing cake on his face when she came running and yelled at me “Leave my uncle .. I don’t like you..”.. And I stood there frozen, with chocolate ganache between my fingers… The sparkle in her eyes drew my attention instantly.. I was swoon over her genuine affection and love for her uncle..

I visited more often and soon we called each other “enemy”.. She often referred to me as ‘enemy friend’.. I remember times when I asked Loki to promise me that she would stay in my life forever, he would frown because I asked him this one too many times, and with a sigh he’d say, “Yes.. for sure..” I had fallen in love with her innocence, with the affection she expressed, with who she was and what she made of me. I was happy when she was around, I could forget all my worries and stay calm, she soothe me off my pain and made me feel special..

Ever since, she and I have become family.. Her mother and I have become good friends and we share a lot in common. She respects the bond Ava and I share and gives us all the time we need. They visit me often and so do I. We have “Khazana party” (Ava’s new coined term) a.k.a “Pajama party”..

She will be special and will stay in my heart forever….




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