A Sad Goodbye

Moved.. Beautiful..


This poem is dedicated to every family member that has had to say goodbye to someone that they loved, especially if they are in the military. This one is more serious than my previous, and I was nearly crying as I wrote this, because of how emotional it was, having to know that someone you loved may be lost forever.

Every minute is precious

because tomorrow,

he would be flying to


Four years

without really being with him

just worrying and praying that

he will come home

safe and sound

I hug Amelia as she hugs her daddy goodbye

He kisses her on the cheek

and asks if she will take care of Mommy

while he’s gone

Asks if she will be brave

That nearly makes me cry

Then comes the hardest goodbye

I hug him so fiercely

that I can feel the tears coming to my eyes

but I…

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