Lost a part of me forever!

With you leaving, I lost a part of me! I am feeling insane day by day. It is misery that has become my best friend and seems to be there for me at all times. Off late people have begun questioning me, blaming me and judging me constantly; I have been keeping mum through it... Continue Reading →




I miss you….

​"I miss you so" I sigh aloud a hundred times  everyday. I can't tell you how hard it is to go through a day without having to think of you. I religiously check my phone everyday hoping to hear from, but in vain. It aches my soul to be so far apart yet I respect... Continue Reading →

Who she is…

I witnessed a husband and wife have a brawl on the roads yesterday. It shocked me at how even the educated behave uncouth when anger clouds their mind. The woman could take it no more, so I inferred fully aware that it was none of my business. When I tried to intervene, the man spat... Continue Reading →


Something really beautiful I read today..

Young, Hungry, and Clueless

There are some moments that you will never be able to erase from your memory, no matter how hard you try. And believe me, I’ve tried. I’m picking through my brain, trying to unlaced our fingers, trying to lift my head from where it rests in the crook of your neck, trying to peel myself away from the perfect curl of your arm around me. I’ve tried to forget your beautiful sleepy, hooded eyes and the way your alcohol-laced words sounded as we said goodbye. I’ve tried to forget how comfortable you felt; how right the moment felt; how happy I felt, that everything was finally falling together, the pieces aligning themselves perfectly.

I’m trying to bolt every window and door shut, so maybe you’ll stop sneaking up on me every free moment I have. I can run as far as I want, but I think you’ll always keep time…

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I’ll never forget you!

My player played the saddest songs.. It was like my playlist knew excatly how I felt today.. Gotye sang about his heart being a mess.. Wasn't mine too? But how? I punched my pillow and let out a heave! We were clear about being together for just a while. How did I let it get... Continue Reading →

Move on..

Some take a little time and it could be a  lifetime for some, Moving on is not that easy I always thought.. Its strange yet intriguing how we are different in the way we cope, I can't just let go and be okay without a little hope. I can't come to terms that her chair... Continue Reading →

Endless love 💜

​"Endless love"..  It was rather a beautiful movie.  A movie about summer love, passion, trust and turbulences.  David and Jade fall in love and they fight to make it work..  "A love so big, so strong, it never dies, never fades, never loses its electricity...." Keeping love alive is not easy.. Its a lot of... Continue Reading →

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