Believe in yourself!

Teaching, cooking, baking, reading and painting are that which keep me sane..

I love being a teacher.. And this was a poem I wrote for my student. She was someone who constantly looked down at herself and she was low on confidence. I struggled each day to encourage her and get her spirits high. It affected me on most days and I felt hopeless and frustrated. Nevertheless, I won’t give up on her. I will do everything that I can and make whatever little difference in her life that I am deemed to. I was born for a purpose just like I told her, and I won’t give up until I can get through to her.. So on her 16th birthday, I wrote her a poem and hoped someday she would be able to understand what I meant..

 Happy birthday my li’l girl..

Dear Sheena,

Aren’t you excited on turning 16?

I want you to remember that you are born for a purpose.

You light up the world for your parents and sister,

You are not a trouble for your teachers!

You are special in your own wonderful way,

Dont matter what you feel about yourself today,

I am sure you’ll know your worth someday.

And then you’ll look at me with your head held high,

I will watch you go places near and far,

And with complete pride,I will say….

That’s my girl, standing tall right there,

All the while, I knew she had it in her!

Happy birthday precious girl! 

Always believe in yourself.

Love and blessings,

Sue Ma’am


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