A sorrowful adieu!

Goodbyes! Why are they the hardest? 

Singers sing their many songs, poets write their saddest poems, actors emote their sorrow, artists paint them on a canvass…. But nothing… No nothing,can explain what I feel right now.
You know you could force it through your lips with ease, but beneath that pretentious farewell, lies an incurable pain. Like a cannon ball had struck my gut or like my soul had left my body; I died a million deaths before it was the end. I told myself a million times, it won’t be hard and its going to be fine, as time flies by everything is going to be alright. Easier said than done they say, how true; every time I looked into your eyes, memories came gushing like the currents of a river. Those tender eyes and that innocent smile swept me off the ground each time. The nagging pain inside; a wailing child crying uncontrollably who I couldn’t soothe. The ache increased exponentially each day. I dragged you into this mess and caused you hurt and an unforgettable pain. You probably never want to see me ever again, but I won’t go anywhere. I promised to stay no matter what and so, if you ever come back, i’l be standing exactly where you left off. 

 In your heart I hope someday, you would forgive me and we’d go back to what we were. I hope when the pain is gone, you’ll find a reason to smile when you think of me..

Forever yours,



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