Endless love 💜

​”Endless love”.. 

It was rather a beautiful movie. 

A movie about summer love, passion, trust and turbulences. 

David and Jade fall in love and they fight to make it work.. 

“A love so big, so strong, it never dies, never fades, never loses its electricity….”

Keeping love alive is not easy.. Its a lot of work. A relationship needs time and effort.. Would you cherish it if it was that easy?

“True love is that you always put first.. That makes you wanna be good and do better… “

If it didnt drive you insane yet at the same time help you keep sane, it ain’t love.. Love drives you crazy and also makes you a better person. You help each other to grow as a person. Love doesn’t mean to  curtail another…. It simply means to liberate yourself from all the shackles and be true to that ‘one’ person. Be your true self without having to pretend.. 
But sometimes, when its gone, a piece of you dies with it.. It is painful.. You mourn for days.. Probably for years.. Maybe a lifetime.. But memories last forever.. 

Right there, don’t let it drown you! Let it be the reason you have to put yourself together. Think of good times and all that wonderful things that made you a better person.. It happened for a reason, didnt it? You did love every moment of it, didn’t you? Make this pain your strength to fight battles in life!

“Time helps.. Its slow and painful.. But it works… Talking helps.. Going out with other people.. Seeing friends.. She’ll be like a book you read long ago..”

Is that true?Will all the pain set you free if you try? Is this the end? Is this really ending now? All our endless love…..



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