Move on..

Some take a little time and it could be a  lifetime for some,
Moving on is not that easy I always thought..

Its strange yet intriguing how we are different in the way we cope,

I can’t just let go and be okay without a little hope.

I can’t come to terms that her chair is empty,

Will she come back? Is this just a bad dream?

I can’t seem to come to terms of how easy it was for him,

He let her go like she didnt matter to him anymore,

He was ungrateful for all that she did and brought this place to life,

Wasn’t he in his senses or is this what he wants?

Would he want to watch this place crumble and shatter,

For she was the glue and medium that kept all of us together,

It’s time she held on to her pride, for you didn’t know her worth.

It pains me that its easy for people to throw someone outta their life,

Won’t any memories haunt you and kill you alive?

Remember this someday! For you will regret this decision,

You will come to your senses and and wish that you could have rather worked it out,

But it will be too late my friend.. Too late to undo what has been done,

And you would have let her go too far,n that Golden Girl,

And must you cry? Must you beg? You could have, but its too late now..

For she’ll be where she’ worth and she would have moved on……


I walked into school this morning and realized my principal had quit. It shattered me. My life feels a mess now.. The entire teacher community was devastated. How easy was it for the management to let her go? She built this place, she made it all happen. I admired and learnt from her. I wanted to walk her footsteps.. Now she’s left. She was over and done with they way she was treated.. She held on so long.. Now she couldn’t anymore.. I will miss you ma’am now and forever..


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