Who she is…

I witnessed a husband and wife have a brawl on the roads yesterday. It shocked me at how even the educated behave uncouth when anger clouds their mind. The woman could take it no more, so I inferred fully aware that it was none of my business. When I tried to intervene, the man spat filth at the both of us! Thats it, I had enough. I gave him a piece of mind and warned him that when he brought his personal matters to the road, it was a matter of public concern. I also gave him a earful and swore that I would rip his skin apart if he ever used that tone on me or any other woman ever!

Something inside me burned a flame like never before. And this is what I wrote.
Who she is….

You can hurt me, break me or make me cry,

Kill me, even burn me or bury me alive.

But trample on me or spit on my face,

I make sure you are dead, without a trace.



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