I miss you….

​”I miss you so” I sigh aloud a hundred times  everyday.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to go through a day without having to think of you. I religiously check my phone everyday hoping to hear from, but in vain. It aches my soul to be so far apart yet I respect your decision and so I haven’t reached out. I promised not to bother you and no matter how much it tears me apart, I am trying,trying so hard.

 I wake up each day hoping it was all just  a bad dream and that I still had the liberty to call or text you. But my status as being “blocked” remains the same. I don’t know how long I can pretend and go on….

I was listening to “our” song and tears rolled down my cheek. Katey notice d and she grabbed my hand. 

“Wanna talk?” she inquired. I shook my head gesturing a ‘no’ and rested it on my desk.

‘Why? Why? Why? Do we have to go through this pain?’ I cursed myself.

I went on with my work. But you were stuck in my head.

I checked my phone again.. Still blocked and nothing from you…

I checked again.. And I froze. There were messages from you. It was so dramatic to think of it now..

I felt like I could breath all over again. Like I was alive again and after days I smiled like before. A smile so true that came right from my soul.

I typed out a long text in my excitement. But before I hit the send button, I stop myself. 

Should I or should I not?

My head is reeling with excitement, happiness and yet I feel saddened and insane..

I miss you…



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