Our Wonderful world!!

I was sitting on the corner of my bed, with my feet on the protruding frame of the bed. Something was bothering me and I just couldn’t put a finger on it. My mind was reeling with thoughts and I was trying to group my thoughts to help make sense. Nothing was helping really. I looked around, my room was pretty cluttered, not in a messy sense, but with too many things and now it bothered me. I began questioning myself :Why did I have so many things; a large bed, side tables, dressing table, cupboards, clothes, accessories, bags, all the beauty products, books, bangles and the list could go on, did I really need all of this? Why couldn’t I just have a simple life?

I wanted throw everything out, I wanted to tear everything apart and break everything that I could. But where do I start? I want to be able to pack my bag and go where i wanted to, like my life in a bag sorts. And then my thoughts began to flow.

Life is meant to be simple isn’t it? Why did we we want to possess things? Why do we compete in having them?

I have this obsession on being original, not sure if its a good things, because we are after all a sum of all experiences. I get annoyed with people trying to be me, trying to possess the same things and something like that. It is strange that it bothers me so much. I try to brush it off most times, but it surfaces back.

When was the last time you could just pick up your phone and call your closest friend? Or do we actually have a close friend? I really don’t know! Most times we fear being judged. When we were younger, little did we care about expressing ourselves. We were open to blurting out whatever we felt, as we grew up everything seems to have changed!

We do live in a materialistic age, the glossy sheets of fashion magazines makes it alluring for readers to want to aspire to either be like the people on the magazine or buy the things they advertise. Well, I can’t deny that it is indeed enticing when you look at all the glam and the contrasting colours that are appealing. We are deluded by their fake smiles and anorexic bodies, wanting to be sickeningly thin and flushed pale faces. We often convince ourselves that being pseudo would earn recognition and we would ‘fit in’! We need to become ‘them’ in order to socialize. So we buy: clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, bags and all that crap with labels on it. Oh and how can I forget, we use ‘sale’ as a reason to hoard stuff.

Oh how can I not mention the cliche, the most ridiculed upon, yet widely used medium: the SOCIAL MEDIA! We are compelled to announce to this pseudo world our accomplishments, our places of visit, our personal life, and every damn crap we do in our lives! “Bought a new bag”, “My husband surprises me on my birthday”, “I am having fun”, “I am at the most expensive restaurant/hotel eating the same crap but paying a fortune to take a dump next morning”. I mean what the hell! Do you really have to publicize every god damn thing in your life? I won’t be surprised if people start uploading their bedroom scene ‘LIVE’ on social media!!!

But yeah, we all are caught in this new age stuff! We love the spotlight and ‘likes’ you know! However, its really sad that we aim at collecting all the materialistic pleasures and let go of important things like making memories that last a life time!!

Bottom line, we slog our asses, compromise on relationships, friends and family just so that we can spend on things, go to places and do stuff we don’t actually need, but want to make sure we are admired and applauded and sometimes even envied!




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