Marriage a mirage?

As a child, when my family took long drives often, my favourite part was watching the mirage. It was so fascinating to me. How puddles of water just disappears as you got closer to it. Who knew that few years later my dad would burst my bubble explaining the science behind it!

I grew up in a rather chaotic family. Oh my mom and dad, they were quite entertaining! They were like teenage couples, they loved breaking up for the smallest reasons and patched up in no time. But slowly their patch ups extended. Torn between their dramatic love, my brother and I, we grew up mostly with mom however I was compromised at times. Like a piece of stale steak tossed to the side. It was pretty devastating as a child. I woke up at nights wetting the bed, little did they understand my fears and anxieties. But I must say, I did cope up really well. I became an adult who was stronger than the weak child.

At times their argument got louder and violent too. I had the old fashioned headphones and my walkman(oh! I won that as a prize in a collage competition, I am pretty creative) became my shelter. I would play Banana Repulic, Spice girls, MLTR, Bonjovi, Guns n Roses or my favourite Bryan Adams, and lie down next to my pet dog ‘Tanny’. At times I even hid in her kennel. It was warm and comfortable.

I grew up believing that marriages were a mirage. Most of them get into it believing it’s a ‘new lease of life ‘ or ‘an exciting world’or ‘freedom’ and what not, but few years down the line they realise it’s nothing but a tool to self destruction. Oh and we millennials, we have a totally different take on marriage! Posts on social media on every God damn thing we do (I won’t be surprised if bedrooms scenes are posted too). Showing off how awesome our relationship is on social media is the very reason we get married I am assuming.

So,I have had a confused notion about marriage so much so that I have hated it. I have a steady relationship with someone whom I have been together with for over 11 years, and we are so happy together. We moved in together and it has been wonderful.Who the hell gives the government the right to say whether or not are we legit and then take a whole bloody year to take us apart if and when we decide to annul the wedlock. Isn’t it so lame? It’s like they inject the virus into you called marriage and the antidote is called divorce! Well my mother had a rather interesting explanation, “security reasons.” Why would I need a marriage for that? I’d rather install CCTVs or a God damn door alarm!

Marriages are for people who need to commit their fickle minds by forcing each other into a life long (or so they say) useless bond! Sadly the elders need to please the society and succumb to unnecessary pressure.

If only the society didn’t get involved, I am sure relationships would last longer!

But I am not totally discounting the concept of marriage. Couples can take the stage to announce to the world when they are ready and when they want to. Because that ‘new lease of life’ shouldn’t be forced upon. Couples should make it official when and how they want it and to who they want to announce it to. Especially in my country it’s a matter of “status” and that’s superficial. Why can’t it be as sacred as it should be?

I hope the world someday would understand the true essence of marriage and not force it upon someone.

Let’s celebrate love and not egos and falsehood!


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