Hopelessly in love

I was at a cafe recently and there sat a guy in the corner. His sadness was radiating that I had to notice him. He was a middle aged man. He held his mobile and tears trickled down his cheek. His coffee was cold and sandwich nearly dry. I walked past him and noticed a girl’s picture he was staring at. He was holding back or he was in a situation that he couldn’t tell her something. He for sure was going through a hard time and no one understood. I wanted to help but didn’t want to come off as a creep.

I wrote this on a tissue and slipped it on his table.

“I want you to know, but I won’t tell you.”

Dont hold back what you want her to know. Let her know…. Don’t lose hope..

I don’t think what I said was of any help. But at least he sipped his coffee and took a bite from his sandwich.


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