I was browsing through YouTube and hit upon some videos of Ellen Degeneres show. I watch her videos almost everyday and this one I watched today kinda touched my heart..

As we all know Ellen brings happiness to people from different walks of life. The recent one paid a tribute to Brian McKenna. He passed away last week on the 6th May and his birthday is on the 26th May. As trivial as I may sound, my heart sank looking at the date. I mean, 20 days later he was could be to celebrating his 33rd birthday, but no, it was the end of his life. He didn’t have a choice but just had to go. I doubt if he knew his end was so close.

Life’s uncertainties are over whelming.. We take people around us for granted. We are mean and rude to them and hurt them without thinking twice. Sometimes, rather most times it is unintentional, yet hurting nevertheless. Imagine you yelled at someone and before you apologize, they are gone! I mean this is a common thought we all have from time to time and we tend to forget it and move past the very valuable thought. It’s not easy to be nice all the time and be careful about every single action or word uttered, but I guess there’s no harm trying.

Why not be more conscious of what we say or do?

How much time do we have? How much time do our loved ones have?




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