Change is inevitable!

People very often talk about change. How they have changed because of experiences in life or how others have changed them. But I just feel we don’t change just like that, like you get a set of new parts and fix it to become a whole new you! You don’t throw out who you are and get a new you!

I stumbled upon this quote and it made so much more sense to me.. Very rarely I find people (including myself) focusing on refining themselves and often find them trying to ‘change’ themselves. Maybe that’s why we become people who we aren’t. We try to fit in and become who people want us to be. We are more worried about what others might think or how we could make ourselves more likable. We compromise on our personality. We give up ourselves in return for others’ happiness.

Let’s focus on what’s good for us and how we can improve ourselves. On how we can work on our weaknesses and hone our strengths. Let’s live life for ourselves too! Not selfishly nor by being self centered, but whole heartedly! Living a life that makes us a better person, by conscientiously being a judge for yourself.

Love your life, love yourself,



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