Weekend getaway

A pleasant weekend spent at Horsley hills, AndhraPradesh.

I love traveling and it’s in my skin. I have to get out of the city once every while. Whether it’s near or far, I like to take a trip and break the monotony. My goal in life is to cover India as much as I can.

And this wasn’t a planned and organised trip. It was an impromptu trip. We suddenly just decided to take a detour from tirupathi. It’s about 160kms from tirupathi. The drive is beautiful and picturesque!

Above is a picture of the Ghat section you drive through. It was drizzling throughout and the wind was chill. An unseen paradise with birds chirping and butterflies flying around.

When you almost reach the top of the hills, there’s a Gangotri lake. It supposedly fills up during the monsoon.

The hill becomes deserted at around 8pm. A sudden gush of mist covers the roads and there aren’t any street lights. Walking at night was thrilling and fun!

There are very few hotels so try and book your accommodation well in advance( our impromptu trip took us a while to find a room).

The rooms we stayed in were individual ‘tents’. Not too fancy but I just loved it. It wasn’t very expensive too.

The APTDC’s accomodation and food is pretty good. Prices are fair.They have a bar as well.

Overall it was a memorable trip and we had a wonderful time.

Let me know if you try it or want to.

Happy to help!




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