Anti happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. People say that you are responsible for your pain as well as your happiness. But what if someone's sadness becomes yours and yours theirs? What if your pain is beyond healing and you are spiteful about life? 'Life is unpredictable right!", she was speaking to the birds. Shania was... Continue Reading →


Lust over love?

Don't judge a person when they are happy and gay, It's not their complete self they say. You know a person better during their bad times, How they treat you when they are angry or sad, Is what actually makes a person good or bad. If you can let the person you love down, If... Continue Reading →

My precious Max

I was halfway through my shower when my phone rang incessantly.  My heart was heavy,I heard her cry through the phone. " Its Max ", she said. My heart sank and I could hardly breath. I barked that it was nothing. I said he was going to be okay and nothing was wrong. She whimpered.... Continue Reading →

A sorrowful adieu!

Goodbyes! Why are they the hardest?  Singers sing their many songs, poets write their saddest poems, actors emote their sorrow, artists paint them on a canvass.... But nothing... No nothing,can explain what I feel right now. You know you could force it through your lips with ease, but beneath that pretentious farewell, lies an incurable... Continue Reading →

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